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Smart payment solutions and digital tools for businesses

Meet Spenda

We are a fully integrated digital payment and business software solution that is designed to change the way people do business.

Our solution equips businesses with smart digital tools that help streamline business processes, and improve efficiency and payment practices. 

Put simply, we are helping businesses to trade faster and get paid quicker.

The problem in business today

Traditionally businesses choose multiple software solutions to run each aspect of their business. These systems often don’t play nice with each other and only partly eliminate the burden of manual data entry and human error. 

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t make things easier for the business. Rather it truncates the problem and creates business siloes or closed off systems that can not operate in harmony, making running a business more expensive and inefficient.

Bringing it all together with Spenda

Here’s where we stand out – competitive software as a service (SaaS) businesses focus on improving siloed parts of the business process, such as stock control or by providing an efficient point of sale (POS) system. While typical payments competitors focus solely on the payment event.

Spenda is the only feature-based payment company in the market that integrates all business processes that take place before and after the payment event. And we do this by offering one connected solution that encompasses everything a business needs to operate that drives better efficiency across the board.

Work for us

At Spenda, we understand that there is more to life than work. We also know that happy, well-balanced staff are more productive.

Our expertise

Spenda is a product of Cirralto Limited, an ASX listed company that owns and licences technology assets and services that enable modernisation of business IT systems via conversion, migration and management of server-based legacy data and systems to the Cloud.

We deliver collaborative digital commerce solutions that enable the effective and seamless transfer of data from multiple, disparate software systems in one standardised technology solution. Cirralto has licensing agreements with third-party software vendors that allow it to provide an integrated standard operating environment (SOE) solutions to its customers. Additionally, we have a full range of payment technologies and specialise in Business Payments products and solutions.

Meet our Executive Team

Adrian Floate

Managing Director

Adrian Floate

As an entrepreneur at heart with a fascination for emerging business technologies, Adrian has spent the last 20+ years solving complex problems and developing new technologies to bolster business efficiency.

The culmination of his experience and passion resulted in the launch of Spenda with a goal to permanently change the way businesses trade and pay each other.

Dave Wood

Chief Product Officer

Dave Wood

With over 20 years experience in Software and Systems Design, Dave has been the visionary behind Spenda’s suite of products and works with his team to continually bring the company’s vision to life, all while delivering a seamless experience for Spenda's customers.

As a member of the Executive Team, Dave plays a key role in the Company’s strategic direction.

Olly Speed

Chief Technology Officer

Olly Speed

With over 30 years software engineering experience, Olly brings experience in high-transaction rate core systems development, managing complex requirements and ensuring good transaction and database design.

Olly also takes great pride in growing and mentoring agile software engineering teams and delivering unique and visionary fintech solutions to the market.

Richard Jarvis

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Jarvis

Richard is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with over 20 years of international financial experience across many different private and publicly listed companies, including 14 years spent in senior managerial roles.

As a member of Spenda’s Executive Team, Richard plays a key role in driving the Company's strategic direction and helping facilitate growth.
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