What makes us unique?

Bringing everything together to help business achieve success

Traditionally businesses choose multiple software solutions to run each aspect of their business. These systems often don’t play nice with each other and only partly eliminate the burden of manual data entry and human error – more on that later. 

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t make things easier for the business. Rather it truncates the problem and creates business siloes or closed off systems that can not operate in harmony. Worse still, juggling multiple systems means a business is likey paying excessive fees and is still plagued with inefficient processes. So much for the digital revolution.

Spenda is different

The Spenda solution is a family of products designed to support businesses in all their day-to-day activities. Unlike other software platforms that offer part of the solution, the Spenda suite improves efficiency and productivity in every area of business, and has payments and finance baked into its core functionalities. 

The integration problem

Often when a business employs software to fix one area within their business it comes at the expense of efficiencies in other areas. This is because siloed software and outdated ERP often aren’t designed for integration. For those that do offer integration, it is usually done for the benefit of one trading partner or into a handful of supported products.

The Spenda suite is built on a framework of strong integrations at its core. The backend powerhouse that drives Spenda is an open-auth integration platform that enables customers to sync data across their cloud app ecosystem into their accounting and ERP software. Our engine can push and pull business data such as debtors, creditors, inventory and transactions (purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, etc.) in real-time or based on user-driven events. This system allows businesses to connect to their customers and their catalogues to quickly and easily share data. 

Combine this engine with a suite of software designed to cover every aspect of business and you can see what makes Spenda so powerful. We allow businesses to do the job once, with no double data entry and removes manual, paper-based processes that are time-consuming and prime to errors. On top of that our product is mobile, with modules accessible on tablets and phones as well as desktop.

Work for us

At Spenda, we understand that there is more to life than work.
We also know that happy, well-balanced staff are more productive.

Our Expertise

Spenda is a product of Cirralto Limited, an ASX listed company that owns and licences technology assets and services that enable modernisation of business IT systems via conversion, migration and management of server-based legacy data and systems to the Cloud. We deliver collaborative digital commerce solutions that enable the effective and seamless transfer of data from multiple, disparate software systems in one standardised technology solution. Cirralto has licensing agreements with third-party software vendors that allow it to provide an integrated standard operating environment (SOE) solutions to its customers. Additionally, we have a full range of payment technologies and specialise in Business Payments products and solutions.
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