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About us

Transforming the way businesses trade and get paid.


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.


Our expertise

We have over 20 years’ experience in delivering a broad range of B2B payment services, digital trading software and integrated solutions.

What we do

We offer one connected digital platform that equips business with smart software applications, flexible B2B payment and lending solutions, and integration services.

Our goal

We’re here to put a stop to the late payments, boost cash flow and help improve the way businesses trade and get paid.

Helping businesses get paid quicker

The problem with B2B trade today is that many businesses work with multiple software solutions to run each aspect of their operations, which creates business silos or closed-off systems, and makes running a business more expensive and inefficient. Additionally, inefficiencies in payments practices and delayed payments are key contributors to the cash flow problems experienced by businesses on a global scale. 

While we may have started out as a pure Software as a Service (SaaS) business, Spenda has evolved into a B2B fintech player offering a suite of software applications, payment and lending solutions and integration services. 

We offer one connected solution that integrates all business processes that take place before, during and after the payment event. Our software helps businesses boost operational efficiency and drives better cash flow management across the entire supply chain.

Our solutions

Work for us

At Spenda, we understand that there is more to life than work. We also know that happy, well-balanced staff are more productive.

Meet our executive leadership team


Adrian Floate

Managing Director

Adrian Floate

As an entrepreneur at heart with a fascination for emerging business technologies, Adrian has spent the last 20+ years solving complex problems and developing new technologies to bolster business efficiency.

The culmination of his experience and passion resulted in the launch of Spenda with a goal to permanently change the way businesses trade and pay each other.

Dave Wood

Chief Product Officer

Dave Wood

With over 20 years experience in Software and Systems Design, Dave has been the visionary behind Spenda’s suite of products and works with his team to continually bring the company’s vision to life, all while delivering a seamless experience for Spenda's customers.

As a member of the Executive Team, Dave plays a key role in the Company’s strategic direction.

Richard Jarvis

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Jarvis

Richard is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with over 20 years of international financial experience across many different private and publicly listed companies, including 14 years spent in senior managerial roles.

As a member of Spenda’s Executive Team, Richard plays a key role in driving the Company's strategic direction and helping facilitate growth.

Andrew Hilton

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew Hilton

With nearly 30 years of experience in traditional lending businesses coupled with a strong history of successful ventures, including Invigo, Andrew’s experience lies in delivering businesses with more efficient access to better finance solutions.

As a member of the Executive Team, Andrew plays a key role in the Company’s strategic direction and is helping to build Spenda’s growing payment and lending capabilities.

Olivia Johnson

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Olivia Johnson

With a Bachelor of Communications degree from RMIT University in Australia, Olivia brings a wealth of experience to the company having spent the last 10+ years managing marketing and communications functions across both the public and private sectors in Australia, India, South Korea and Myanmar.

As part of the Executive Team, Olivia is responsible for Spenda’s shareholder communications and leads the Company’s sales and marketing efforts to deliver on strategic growth plans.
rj-board 2

Raghav Jain

Chief Executive Officer at Spenda India

Raghav Jain

As an entrepreneur and global business leader, Raghav holds over 20 years’ of experience in technology services and digital transformation solutions. Prior to joining Spenda, he co-founded MintWorx, a tech startup in India which eventually led to setting up Spenda India in 2021. 

As a member of the Executive Team, Raghav spearheads Spenda’s Asian entry and plays a key role in driving the overall company's strategic direction.

Corrie Hassan

Chief Credit and Risk Officer

Corrie Hassan

With over 20 years’ of international business finance experience, Corrie brings a wealth of risk and operational management knowledge to the team. Prior to joining Spenda, she founded and managed an Australian SME lending business, and then co-founded Invigo, which was later acquired by Spenda in 2021.

As a member of Spenda’s Executive team, Corrie plays an instrumental role in managing the company’s portfolio risk across Spenda’s lending division, and helps drive the company's strategic direction.
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