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QuickBooks Online Integration

Easily integrate QuickBooks Online with Spenda

Sync Spenda to QuickBooks Online and save hours on manual data entry. Our seamless integration ensures smooth transactions and real-time updates on your financial data, enabling you to streamline your workflow. Track sales, expenses and payments at the touch of a button using our iPad based software.
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Easy and quick integration


Fully automated - say goodbye to manual data entry


Get a real-time view of
cash flow


Access anytime and from anywhere

How it works

Connect Spenda with QuickBooks Online to automatically update your sales, purchases and payments to your accounting system in real-time. By automatically syncing your financial data, you can stay up to date on all your business transactions and maintain data accuracy.

Push transactions daily to QuickBooks Online, or in periodic syncs set to suit your business. Here’s how to connect Spenda and Quickbooks Online:

Sign up for Spenda

Download the Spenda app. Sign up for a Spenda account and follow the in app prompts to set up your business.

Get connected

Connect Spenda to your QuickBooks Online accounting system and enter your QuickBooks Online login credentials.

Note: Please wait a few minutes while the integration is taking place.


You’re all set

You are now successfully connected and can begin to process sales with Spenda.

Sign up and try Spenda free for 30 days.

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