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Strengthen your cash flow with Workflow Payments

Automate your invoicing and payments, set up pay-later plans and get paid quicker.


A payment stack allowing businesses to take payments, collect debt, set up pay-later plans and get access to working capital.

Tired of chasing late payments?

Did you know that on average, SMEs spend 12 days a year chasing unpaid invoices? In fact, 53% of all invoices in Australia are paid late, 20% are of the wrong amount, and a further 20% are paid to the wrong account. And spending time chasing up late and incorrect payments is a huge drain in resources for any business.

Get paid faster with an automated payment system

With Spenda, you can free up working capital and forecast your cash injections with a dedicated payment system that’s designed to help you grow. We work with your business to understand the underlying cause of inefficiencies in your processes and create a tailored solution. 

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See how Spenda can help you get paid quicker and put you in control of your cash flow.

Automated payments, simplified

Gain clarity with scheduled payments and access working capital easily with Workflow Payments. Automate the invoicing process to match your business’ workflow and get paid instantly once the job is completed or a pre-set status is met, such as the end of a 30-day payment term. 


Get paid instantly with automatic payments

 Complete the job and get paid instantly. Payment is triggered once a service job is completed, a delivery is made or a key milestone is reached. Credit card tokenisation also means the customer’s data is secure. 


Eliminate data entry errors

Our collaboration framework is focused on connecting the buyer and seller through ledger-to-ledger integration to ensure they are working from a single source of digital truth. This means no more data entry errors.

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Instant reconciliation and reporting

Seamlessly integrate your small business accounting software (MYOB, Xero and QBO) with Spenda and enjoy reliable and accurate account reconciliation. Spend less time on admin work and more time on more important tasks. ERP integration is also available through consultation and implementation support.


Accept Buy Now, Pay Later Plans

Collaborate on Buy Now, Pay Later plans with customers. Get better control over your cash flow with scheduled payment instalments and take the guesswork out of when you’ll get paid.

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