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Never pay merchant fees again

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Pay zip, nadda, nothing

Looking to save your business some money? One of the simplest things you can do is to conduct a health check on your merchant rates and negotiate a better deal. 

Not only can we offer you a competitive blended flat rate and one of the cheapest online rates in Australia, but by on-charging your merchant fees to your customers, you’ll never have to pay a single cent again.


No merchant fees. Ever.

Save thousands of dollars every year by on-charging your merchant fees directly to your customers. Our terminal will automatically calculate a surcharge fee to add onto each sale so your merchant fees are covered.

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It's hassle-free​

Keep your current business banking when you make the switch. We can even assist you in paying out your existing contract when you move your payment services to Spenda.


Lower rates

With one of the cheapest online transaction rates in Australia we know we can save your business money. To make life easier, we also offer one low blended rate for all card types, least-cost routing and on-charging of merchant surcharging.

Stop paying high merchant rates

When was the last time you calculated how much you’re spending on merchant fees? Get in touch for a free health check today.

Take payments your way

With Spenda, there’s no more guesswork on how much you are spending on merchant fees because we deliver a flat rate on card payments and a capped fee on integrated account payments. Reconciliation and integration automation lowers the total cost of business payments and delivers a compelling ROI for both the merchant and their customer.


Accept payments anytime, anywhere with our Virtual Terminal

EFTPOS down? No Problem. Payments can be taken directly on a tablet or iPad, removing the need for an EFTPOS machine. Having mobile check-outs readily available is handy, particularly in an emergency.


Process sales faster with integrated payments

With our integrated payment solution*, you’ll never have to key in the amount payable again which removes manual errors and speeds up the payment process. Your EFTPOS machine is modernised and able to accept contactless payment from cards and smartphones while the virtual terminal on your Point of Sale system can process payments easily using the built-in card scanner camera.
*Integration only available with SpendaPOS.


Simple and easy to set up

Enjoy a quick and hassle-free application process with a personal account manager helping you at every step of the process. Once approved, we will send you an EFTPOS terminal, that is powered by Fiserv, and comes ready to go with a mobile SIM, or is easy to connect to your Wi-Fi with a few easy-to-follow steps.

Accept all popular payment methods

Give your customers more ways to pay you by accepting multiple payment options. You’ll be able to accept payments via:


Plus, we offer some of the lowest blended merchant rates in Australia that compete with the Big Four banks meaning you get to keep more from every sale.

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