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Use Business Buyer Finance to pay off your suppliers on time, every time


A complete and integrated eCommerce solution designed for all business types.

Are you a retailer or buyer that’s interested in using Buyer Finance to pay your supplier invoices?

Encourage your suppliers to accept Buyer Finance today.


Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Are you a retailer or buyer that’s interested in using BNPL to pay your supplier invoices?
Get in touch with us to discuss your options.
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Take control of your cash flow - focus on your business growth


Never be without stock and never miss a sale


Pay later, never late with flexible payment options

Key features


Manage your payments over an extended period

Spread out your payments over a 30 – 90 day period. With Spenda as a third-party financial provider, your supplier will get paid on time while you get to enjoy flexible payment options. 


Stock it now, pay it later

Always have enough stock on hand and never miss a sale. Now, you can purchase more often and manage your payments with flexible payment terms that allow you to better manage your cash flow.


Smarter payment practices

With access to extended payment terms, you’ll be able to free up cash, as and when you need it, to better manage operating expenses and growth initiatives.


Trade with complete confidence

Security is at the forefront of how we build our software. With strict AML and KYC compliance, Two Step Authentication and double security testing measures, you can process payments with complete confidence knowing all your transactions and data is safe.

Are you a supplier, wholesaler, distributor or marketplace looking to offer a B2B Buyer Finance payment option?

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