Our Spenda representatives Sandy Jones and Dominic Gattellari are over in Melbourne right now for the Inside Retail Live event!

As the biggest annual conference for retailers in Australia the event showcases more than 50 international and local speakers across two days between February 26 – 27, 2020.

Both days include a jam-packed agenda, providing great insights from some of the brightest retail leaders around the world and highlights revolutionary and innovative advances in technology.

Main speakers on day one included EFTPOS CPO Matt Barr, who discussed the big changes shaping the future of retail in Australia.

With 82% of estimated retailers closing down due to poor cash flow with revenue and financial tasks, it is crucial businesses convey an efficient system that groups this data accurately if their ambitions of success are to survive. 

Another pivotal speaker was consumer futurist Amanda Stevens, who highlighted the importance in the power of customer experiences. 

Spenda has implemented this crucial factor into all of our retail features. Given 83% of consumers  in Australia are now open to sharing their data to enable personalised shopping experiences.

Our integrated robust payment systems can track your customer preferences, shopping history, favourite purchases and even debt owed to help retailers create loyalty programs. 

It’s increasing the odds of customer allegiance to businesses knowing they are respected and given unique shopping experiences. 

Because our modules integrate all your data in one place, running your business processes and functions smoothly with complete transparency also reduces the time of your sales.

By having all your products readily available to order for customers at their fingertips, their journey from shopping to checkout is sped up and improved, further complimenting the importance of Spenda’s features from speaker Amanda Stevens

Our representatives Sandy and Dom are located at stall number 19 and are channelling Spenda’s insight into the groundbreaking advances and benefits that unified commerce software is providing to retailers around the world. 

Don’t believe us? Cue Clothing CEO Shane Lenton will be speaking today on the main stage solely on how unified commerce software is superior to omni-channel retailing and is the future for how businesses survive. 

Want to check out the Inside Retail Live agenda? Click here.