Our Spenda rep’s Alex, Domi and JB spent two full days meeting with software pioneers at the React Conference in Sydney and have walked away with mountains of innovative knowledge.

Starting off dissecting the React framework, the team analysed how BBC News prototype innovation, master design practices and have superior styling techniques. All of these unique tips and tricks will help Spenda further implement our own creative flair within future projects.

Speakers from around the globe attended the event, each with their own diverse and invaluable insights into revolutionary software. They were also incredibly generous to attendees, offering snacks, drinks and most importantly, one-on-one time following the packed seminars. This is where Alex, Domi and JB pounced and reached out to experienced speakers working in the same framework for years to further strengthen Spenda’s direction for our customers.

The second day covered responsiveness. This has been Spenda’s primary objective in further compliment our technology as this allows rendering regardless of screen size which Responsive-Props library provides.

Spenda not only plans to add new features to our growing software, but also further weaponise what we are already providing to customers. Alex, Domi and JB had a close investigation of numerous technologies at the conference to plan out our next phase of development.

One example included a close interaction with React-Testing library, which is broadly used via the React community. It is one of the most popular and efficient ways to test React components, which are analysed by Jest and provides faster, superior snapshot testing.

The React Conference has been a huge success for the team. They deepened their knowledge immensely by having personal conversations with numerous experts and gained valuable confidence in using new technology because of the amazing React community.

Check out the amazing snaps of the team during their ride on the learning curve!