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14 Oct '20

Cash flow is king: How Spenda will improve your cash flow

When you run a business, turning a profit is often a key focus as a business gets off the ground and continues to grow.


12 Oct '20

Going digital is the key to a strong business

For many businesses, 2020 has been the year that has forced them to innovate and implement digital technologies in their business systems and operations.


6 Oct '20

How to get paid faster

Making sure you get paid on time is critical to your business’s cash flow.


1 Oct '20

Integrated business solutions: Become a strategic business owner

Owning a business comes with many benefits. You get to decide the direction your business goes, steering in one direction to realise your vision, or another if you decide to change course.


22 Sep '20

Benefits of our new Product Variants feature

Available now on SpendaPOS for no extra cost, this feature allows businesses to easily add variants for products that come in more than one option.


18 Sep '20

An inside look at web development for Australian SMEs

“When you look around retail stores and you see customers over the moon about the products you help craft every day, that’s a win for me.”


11 Sep '20

A chat with our Web Technical Lead on SME software

There is a lot that can potentially go wrong when it comes to the technical aspects of planning and developing elite software that can handle specific processes, data and tasks for businesses across Australia.


10 Sep '20

R U OK? Day and the benefits of exercise to mental health

Today is R U OK? Day – and as 2020 has thrown many of us a curveball, it’s never been more important to highlight the importance of asking a friend, colleague, or loved one “are you okay?”


4 Sep '20

Inside Spenda’s Test Engineer Grad Program

While she intended on galavanting around the world as a travel bug throughout this year, our new Software Tester, Hannah Van Schayk, was forced to abandon her booked holiday plans due to COVID-19 and focus her attention on software bugs instead.


2 Sep '20

How to improve company culture and team building

If customer engagement and marketing is the face of your organisation, your company culture and working environment is the personality.


28 Aug '20

An inside look into Australian businesses going digital

Our Business Analyst and Margaret River local, Andrew Mann, is our man on the frontlines meeting with our customers around Australia and helping them iron out their issues with the best digital technology available.


21 Aug '20

Small business tips to reduce late payments

Late payments have become so ingrained in Australian business culture that small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) seem to accept them as a permanent challenge of the job.


19 Aug '20

How small businesses can sell online and reduce merchant fees

While the effects of COVID-19 has seen many small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) fall into unprecedented times, e-commerce has been a welcomed safety net for many.


17 Aug '20

An inside look at research and development in small business software

When he’s not catching waves at his local Queensland beach, our Server Technical Lead, Shane Nall, is creating them.


11 Aug '20

Ways to manage and improve small business cash flow

There’s a reason why cash flow contains the word ‘flow.’ The way it travels in and out of your business is the very thing that keeps it thriving.


6 Aug '20

Behind the scenes in software testing

We’re pretty lucky our brilliant Software Test Lead and favourite Kiwi, Angela Carne, decided to call Australia home and join the team at Spenda.


3 Aug '20

Transitioning to a virtual business

Many Australian businesses have been challenged by the economic conditions brought about by Covid-19.


31 Jul '20

An inside look into Spenda’s Product Development

I recently sat down with our experienced Chief Product Officer, Dave Wood, for a chat and inside view into the mind of our leader in Product Development.


29 Jul '20

How your business can reduce credit card processing fees

No business owner or employee enjoys telling customers their preferred payment method is not accepted in store. Or even worse, that a surcharge will be added.


22 Jul '20

The costs behind late payments for small Aussie businesses

It’s estimated that 82% of retailers close down due to poor cash flow.


18 Jul '20

Should your business embrace contactless payments?

How many times did you or your customers pay for a product with cash in the last six months?


9 Jul '20

Platform Launch: SpendaCollect

We’re excited to announce the launch of SpendaCollect. This payment platform enables customers to view and pay one or many outstanding invoices in a single payment transaction so businesses get paid on time and improve their cash flow.


7 Jul '20

Pen > Sword. Digitisation > Pen. The Modern Way Of Running A Business.

When it comes to being a business owner, you’re either old school and run it with pen, paper and logbooks, or you have switched to digital technologies where your business data is automated and looking back at you from behind a screen.


10 Jun '20

Spenda & WooCommerce. Your duo for online sales.

For retailers and suppliers looking to expand their reach, e-Commerce is a logical fit. Joining the forces of Spenda and WooCommerce is a sure way to boost your exposure.


9 Jun '20

How e-Invoicing is set to take off in Australia

We’ve already invented 3D printing, spray-on skin and self-driving cars, so you would expect we can seamlessly send and pay off invoices without errors in an instant, right?


5 Jun '20

Understanding Merchant Fees

Merchant Fees. They’re as annoying as they are confusing. Many business owners don’t know enough about how they work or what they are paying for, let alone the breakdown of costs behind each transaction.


28 May '20

Five simple tips to boost customer loyalty

Developing a loyal customer base of repeat shoppers gives your business resilience to weather economic cycles and periods of uncertainty.


21 May '20

Spenda + Capital Transport = Delivery Dream

Every business struggles with the same thing. Satisfying customers. Giving them what they want, when they want it, and giving it to them in the way they want to be engaged.


12 May '20

Tips On Reopening After COVID-19

Thankfully here in Australia, we’re handling the COVID-19 pandemic incredibly well and there is now a visible sign of the light at the end of the restriction tunnel, with a planned restoration of all businesses opening by July.


9 May '20

Bus trips and ambition

While Spenda now has more than 40 employees fine-tuning multiple software tools across two office locations in Perth and Sydney, the business started in a lounge room in Greenwood and was fuelled by a supportive single mother.


6 May '20

SpendaPOS & Xero Combining Forces

Given more than 700,000 small Australian businesses rely on Xero as their accounting platform, we made sure our software not only securely integrates all of your financial data across to Xero in seconds, but also connects more aspects of your retail business so you can stay on top of operations.


30 Apr '20

The benefits of pets in your workplace

Eat. Play. Love.
There’s no doubt pets have been a group of unsung heroes while we’ve been working from home to help flatten the Covid-19 curve.


29 Apr '20

7 tips to save your business money

There are two ways to build a profitable business, increase sales or decrease costs.


28 Apr '20

Our Latest Update Bringing You Faster Payments

SpendaPOS and SpendaPay are now fully integrated with the Ingenico Move 5000 EFTPOS device to deliver an incredibly fast and secure checkout experience.


28 Apr '20

Meet SpendaPay

COVID-19 may have thrown Australian businesses a curveball, but everywhere you look people are adapting, and finding ways to keep their business moving forward.


20 Apr '20

Improving your health and wellbeing during Covid-19

Working in a retail or supplier business can be stressful even at the best of times, let alone with an unstable economy and global pandemic upon us.


17 Apr '20

Features Update – April 2020

We’re excited to announce all the following features have been updated within our Spenda App!


17 Apr '20

Business might be down, but community spirit is soaring

We may be socially isolating ourselves from one another, but the community spirit is alive and well.


14 Apr '20

Tips to keep your business moving through Covid-19

Yes, Covid-19 has made our world uneasy and full of unprecedented challenges, especially for Australian businesses who are wondering what the future holds.


25 Mar '20

Working From Home

Need some tips on how to work from home during Covid-19? We’ve got your covered!


11 Mar '20

Does your B2B Software Stack Up?

Over the last few years, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) efficiency, revenue and customer engagement has differed enormously.


3 Mar '20

Spenda boost expertise at 2020 React Conference

Our Spenda rep’s Alex, Domi and JB spent two full days meeting with software pioneers at the React Conference in Sydney and have walked away with mountains of innovative knowledge.


26 Feb '20

Spenda is rocking it at Inside Retail Live!

Our Spenda representatives Sandy Jones and Dominic Gattellari are over in Melbourne right now for the Inside Retail Live event!


11 Feb '20

Why Is My Retailing Competitor Ahead Of Me?

The business that soars in 2020 will ditch omni-channel retail and embrace the single platform of unified commerce.


10 Feb '20

Valentines Day Tips For Businesses

For all retail, supplier or wholesale businesses, there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of the days prior to and including V-Day.